Beat the Heat with Grissom Service Company!

Summer, the season of suntans, beach trips and… a thermostat at its wit’s end? Say ‘Aloha’ to your seemingly unsolvable AC predicament, the saviors of cool, Grissom Service Company, ride to the rescue!

Our pool of professionals is only a call away to wave their magic wands, er, wrenches, and transform your deserted desert into a cool oasis. Has old faithful, your heating system, thrown in the towel? Fret not! Our experts don’t just use their heat vision for grilling hotdogs, but also identifying and fixing every hiccup from the most complicated to the most mundane heating repairs.

What about an Air Conditioner installation, you ask? No sweat! Or rather, all sweat shall be banished as our talented team pulls up their sleeves and ensures your transformation into ‘Chillin like a villain.’

And who would forget the importance of AC maintenance! After all, nobody wants their device acting cold and distant in the heat of the moment.

But what if you need a complete HVAC System Replacement? Sure, we’ll miss the old classic, but out with the old and in with the new, for fresher breezes and cooler times ahead!

We’re not just an Air Conditioning service, we’re the protectors of your comfort zone – In Birmingham, AL, Mountain Brook, AL, & Hoover, AL. Stay Cool folks.