Bee Busters: Removing Unwanted Pest Infestations

Bee Busters in Orange County offers a much needed service to local homeowners and businesses by providing bee removal and wasp extermination services. Bee Busters has been in the business of pest removal since 1982 and has developed a reputation for excellence.

Bee Busters understands that bees and wasps can be a nuisance and damaging to property, and they specialize in safely removing these pests from residential and commercial structures. This often requires the use of specialized equipment and chemical treatments, both of which Bee Busters is well-versed in. Bee Busters is also knowledgeable in the proper disposal of bees and wasps, and follows all state and local regulations to ensure the safety of the environment.

In addition to providing pest removal services, Bee Busters is also available for educational purposes. Bee Busters provides educational lectures and seminars to local schools and organizations on the importance of bee conservation and the role of bees in our local ecosystem. They also offer resources on how to identify bee and wasp infestations, and how to prevent them.

At Bee Busters, their mission is to provide a professional, safe, and efficient pest removal service to their clients, while also educating the community on the importance of bee conservation. The Importance of Bee Conservation